What is hosting and where can I get it?

Essentially, it's a storage service for your website files. We have built the files that constitute your website. Now, they need a place to live in order for people to visit them. Every single website has to have a hosting service. You can think your website like a house, and now you have to rent some land to put it on. Tied to hosting, providers typically offer options for site updates and security features. It's like renting land, hiring a groundskeeper, and installing a security system all at once.

CounselingWise offers two options, both of which provide hosting (the minimum requirement for all sites), as well as hack monitoring, malware detection, backup and update services. CounselingWise hosting options are available here: http://www.counselingwise.com/wordpress-hack-monitor-service/

You are also welcome to host your website with any third party provider you choose. Just please be sure to do your homework and research providers carefully. The development team at CounselingWise can do the technical work of putting your site up on any host, but we cannot be responsible for providing information about the services provided by other hosting platforms.

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