Does CounselingWise do ongoing SEO each month?

At this time, CounselingWise does not offer a traditional ongoing SEO plan. However, we do offer subscription blogging plans with the Therapy Blog Library. Ongoing content creation is a very important part of a long-term SEO strategy, thus we recommend either signing up to have CounselingWise write blogs for you on a weekly or monthly basis or setting the time aside to blog yourself. 

Another part of SEO is building clean and credible backlinks to your site. Many SEO companies purport to do this ethically, but in reality create bad backlinks for their clients which ultimately causes sites to be penalized by Google. 

With our new Quick Visibility Program, CounselingWise uses press releases to get you visible in Google for specific niches (recovering from infidelity, child anxiety, social anxiety, etc.) and for new offerings, such as groups, workshops and programs.

The reason that press releases are so powerful is that they get picked up by major television, radio and other media websites. Because these sites have tremendous trust with Google, they get ranked highly in the search results. Therefore, when we create and distribute a press release that describes what you do and who you help, people will not only find you, but they’ll also be quite impressed that you appeared in the media! This is a beautiful combination — you get visibility and credibility all at once.

If you have a specific question about ongoing SEO besides blogging and backlinks, please submit a ticket to contact our support team!

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