What is a focus keyword?

Focus keywords (or FKWs) are the terms that you anticipate potential clientele to type into a search engine in order to find your services, blog post, or article. We use them to direct the optimization of your specialty pages. A major component of a smart marketing website (and therefore an important ranking factor for Google) is page specificity, meaning your pages are focused around one specific topic rather than general subjects. This is recommended for two reasons:

  1. It makes you seem like an expert on the subject.
  2. It makes you more competitive in the search engines, ie. Google, Bing.

Focus keywords are decided upon after extensive research into the monthly search volume of a particular term, coupled with an analysis of your site's chance to rank for that term. For example, although "therapy" may have 10,000 searches in your city per month, it would be quite difficult to land on page one for such a broad term. Alternatively, if you chose something more specific like "anxiety therapy", which may have 2,000 searches per month, although less people are typing that into Google, you are more likely to rank for "anxiety therapy" as the competition is also lower. 

Focus keywords will appear in the title of your page, the URL, the meta and title descriptions, the title and alt text of photos, and throughout the content to signal to Google what your page is about. Placing it strategically in the content means Google is going to better understand when to serve up your page in its search. Choosing the best FKW for your pages will be your first step in leveraging SEO strategies to market your practice. 

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