Do I need to optimize my blog posts?

We do recommend that you optimize your blog posts, but note that it is not as important to optimize your blogs as it is for your specific specialty pages. Before worrying about creating optimized blogs, you should focus on churning out regular, relevant content. Adding content more frequently is much more beneficial to you from an SEO standpoint than writing one optimized blog post every now and then.

If you are ready to start optimizing your blogs around specific keywords, we recommend that you focus on long-tail (versus short-tail) keywords. A short-tail keyword is something like "shoes". A long-tail keyword would be "red high heels made in Italy". It will be much easier for you to rank for "red high heels made in Italy" rather than "shoes" because the search volume is much lower. Your blog is the place for you to discuss these specific topics within your specialty whereas your specialty pages will be more general. 

CounselingWise offers SEO optimized blog posts through our Therapy Blog Library. If you have any more questions about blog optimization or our blogging services, please submit a request at the top of your screen.

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